Talk Factory Guide

Features of the Talk Factory screen

Using Talk Factory

  1. Click on the edit button and give your graph a title. This will form part of the file name when you save it. Choose something meaningful such as '5G History'.
  2. Click or tap on the six talk rules as they occur in real time during a class discussion. Talk Factory comes with 6 default talk rules. These represent fundamental talking and listening skills and are a good place to start. Once your pupils have mastered these skills you can edit the rules to meet the evolving needs of your class.
  3. The bar graph, sum totals and timeline will change automatically when you click/tap on a rule
  4. If you want to undo your last click on a rule, simply click anywhere on the timeline and the last entry will be deleted from the timeline, graph and sum total.
  5. To save your graph, click on the Save button. Choose where you want to save it. The graph title and the date will automatically appear as the file name (e.g. 5GHistory26-09-2013).
  6. If you want to see this graph again in another lesson, and add to it, click on the Load button and navigate to the file name of the graph that you want to load up again. When you have edited the graph, it will save with the original file name.

Switching screen layout in Talk Factory

The layout shown above is designed so that children can reach the rules and tap on them. You can switch to a teacher-friendly layout by clicking on the Alternate Layout button. You can flip between layouts at any time and as many times as you like. This is the teacher layout:

Using Graph Factory

Graph Factory enables you to compare graphs from multiple lessons so you can track improvements in your pupils' talking and listening skills over time. Simply click on the Load button in Graph Factory and navigate to the files you want to compare. There is no limit to the number of graphs you can display at one time.

You can print graphs to display on the wall. Click on the Print button in the grey bar at the top of the Graph Factory window. Select 'landscape' in your printer software window to display one graph on a page, or select 'portrait' to print two graphs per page.